Her name is Anise.

Throughout the time working and processing my story in its variety of stages, I had a difficult time solidifying her name. Finally, I found it–Anise, our protagonist. Our star. Spicy and hypnotic like absinthe that holds her essence. Elixirs and drinks keeping her spirit: SMOKED ANISE 2 oz Vodka 1⁄2 oz Anisette 1⁄8 oz Whiskey […]

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How this all began.

Hi, future readers. Ten years ago, I purchased a photography book about the circus. The black and white photographs, mainly from the Victorian Era to the 1930s. The pictures haunted me. The black and white tones, the sterile glares in some, joy in others. The animals, the caravans, the gang of clowns huddled together with […]

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